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My reporting has taken me from Seoul, South Korea, to Lancaster, Pennsylvania, to San Francisco, California, to many places in between. I especially like to write longform articles that intertwine narrative and science.

Longform Reporting

combs in motion - abstract

Why It's So Hard to Treat Compulsive Hair Pulling


This article was commissioned and fact-checked by Mosaic; it was republished by The Atlantic and The Guardian.

structure of house on lot

What the Amish Can Teach the Rest of Us About Modern Medicine


This article was commissioned and fact-checked by Mosaic; it was republished by Digg.

IMAGE CREDITS: William Bunce and Lisa Jahovic for Mosaic; Rex Larsen; Tim Robinson for Undark; Mike Ellis 

Other Features

closeup of fetus

Nurturing Controversy: The Real Science Behind the Artificial Womb


This article was commissioned and fact-checked by Undark; it was republished by The Atlantic.

cans of energy drinks on grocery shelves

In the Energy Drink Market, Advertising and Science Collide


This article was commissioned and fact-checked by Undark; it was republished by The Atlantic and elsewhere.

Michigan woman stands inside

Industrial Pollution Is in Your Blood. Is That a Form of Battery?


This article was supported by a 2019 Frank Allen Field Reporting Grant from the Institute for Journalism & Natural Resources.

overhead view of University of Michigan stadium

Experts Raise Questions Over 'Scary' Covid Heart Studies


IMAGE CREDITS: Steve Allen via Getty; Matthew Horwood via Getty; Jeffrey Sauger for Undark; Alex Mertz via Unsplash

Essays & Poems


This poem was originally published in the literary journal Rivendell and has since been lightly edited.

Science Writing As a Literary Art


Published as a blog post for Kenyon Review in 2016, when I was just starting to shift from creative writing to journalism, and thinking about essential differences — as well as potential overlap — between the two.

IMAGE CREDITS: Harfx2203 via Wikimedia Commons; Thirdman via pexels; Louisa Howard via Wikimedia Commons; Geane Lanes via Wikimedia Commons


From 2018 to spring 2023, I was a senior editor at Undark. Each week, I read and discussed pitches with the editorial team, communicated with writers, and edited features. I'm now a contributing editor, dividing my time between editing and reporting.  

Undark’s articles have received recognition from the American Society of Magazine Editors, the American Society of Journalists and Authors, the Society of Environmental Journalists, the National Center on Disability and Journalism, and the National Association of Science Writers, among others. 

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Sara grew up in Pleasant Ridge, Michigan, back when local residents could still hear the Detroit Zoo lions roaring on the other side of Ten Mile.* From her earliest days, she loved to read; among her favorite books were The Wizard of Oz, Are You My Mother?, and anything from the Serendipity series. 

Sara majored in English at the University of Michigan, where she went on to earn an MFA in creative writing. She spent ten years teaching writing classes, including creative nonfiction, at U-M. During this time, she developed a love of English grammar and punctuation, particularly the em dash and the Oxford comma. Sara also became increasingly interested in science; she enrolled in a local community college to better understand the fundamentals of microbiology, chemistry, and anatomy. Naturally, she started to write about them too.

For her first commissioned journalism assignment, published in 2016, Sara traveled to Tennessee, Ohio, and Pennsylvania to report on Amish and Old Order Mennonite communities and their sometimes fraught relationship with the modern healthcare system. Over the next few years, Sara reported on a wide range of science-related topics, including artificial wombs, energy drinks, concierge medicine, and PFAS contamination in west Michigan. She is now a contributing editor at Undark. Sara lives in Michigan with her husband, children, and beagle.    

*Fact-checking note: Sara’s mother was unable to fully verify this childhood memory. In a text to Sara, she stated, “I remember animal noises, but I don’t remember what.”